Men's Luncheon Club

The Men's Luncheon Club was formed in 1985 at a time when it became obvious that, perhaps as a result of earlier retirements, there appeared to be more men around during the week than formerly. Among the local churches there were numerous popular ladies' groups, but none for the men. What might the men appreciate? The answer proved to be good food and good company.

The format of the monthly meetings, usually held on the third Friday of each month, has remained unchanged since those early days. A hot two course meal, planned and produced by the ladies of the church under the umbrella of the Catering Committee, is followed by a talk of topical interest. Initially speakers were recruited from the pool of members, drawing upon experience gained in careers or through hobbies or interests. Members' talks are still welcomed and encouraged although, today, the majority of speakers are external experts or enthusiasts.

Eleven meetings are held in a typical year. During May a frugal meal is served, usually during Christian Aid Week and the funds raised donated to that cause. An AGM is held in December at the time of the Festive Lunch. At that meeting any surplus of income over expenditure is donated to charity. At this time the Vice Chairman assumes the Chairmanship for the following year and a new Vice Chairman is elected.

The group has a pool of approximately 30 members. Typical attendance at a meeting is between 20 and 25. In the main the members are from local churches, although some have no known church connection.

The popularity of the group no doubt stems from the opportunity which it presents for the company of others of a similar age, relatively short talks on topics of general interest to the members and, perhaps most of all, to the excellent meals provided by the dedicated ladies of the church who plan, cook and serve lunches at modest cost.